Optimizing Operations With Digital Tools

The digitalization of services and products is becoming a element of business processes. Its impact on business performance however, isn’t yet fully recognized. In this study the Italian startup community is examined in order to identify their digital behavior. The adoption of intra-organizational as well inter-organizational electronic infrastructures is considered. The results https://adslwireless.biz/ of the manual analysis (Steps 3 and 4) are triangulated with the computer-aided analysis of Steps 4 and 5 to discover the factors that influence the digital behavior of Italian startups.

The analysis of the data shows the average Italian startups have adopted 1,23 inter-organizational and 1,75 intra-organizational structures. It can also be observed that the utilization of these digital infrastructures is not widespread as, on average, around 90% of the reviewed Italian startups use no more than two of the inter-organizational digital systems considered and 68% of the analyzed startups have only adopted less than one of the intra-organizational digital infrastructures.

These results suggest that the vast majority of Italian startups employ a digital follower-type approach, rather than a more advanced digital leader behaviour. The main reason may be due to the fact that, despite being included in the Startup Act policy initiative, they aren’t yet mature enough for digital leadership strategies. This is the reason that it is recommended to the government that they implement new policies aimed improving the digitalization of Italian Startup Ecosystem. This could include, for example, public financial incentives aimed at accelerating the digitalization of startups.

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